Ain’t God Good Part 2

God is so good to us in ways that we cannot begin to imagine. We know when God protects us from the car that ran the red light and almost hit us, but we don’t see the one He redirected blocks away from us to keep us safe. God is continually protecting us from, comforting us though, and delivering us out of all types of circumstances. In many of these things, we do not even know God is working. There are even times when our issues are really for our good, and we do not even know it (Romans 8:28).

Take for an example a missionary I heard about who was on assignment in a poor, remote part of Africa. She started having major health issues with her stomach without any way of getting medical help. On top of that, in the area where she was serving, the availability of food was extremely limited and she, along with the entire village, was forced to eat oatmeal for 30 days straight. In addition to the day-to-day challenges of mission’s work, being sick and forced to eat oatmeal three times a day for a month was almost too much for her to stand. 

A few months later when she returned to America, although now feeling better, she went in for a physical with her regular doctor. Her primary care physician was an older doctor. (You know the type, one who could treat just about anything instead of just being a health broker and sending you to some specialist.)  She told the doctor about the stomach issues she experienced while in Africa. After she explained all the symptoms she experienced, the doctor explained to her how dangerous this sickness could have been for her. He said that if he had examined her during this time there were several medicines he could have offered, but the best treatment would have been an old-time remedy of eating large amounts of high fiber foods such as oatmeal.

The fact is, sometimes my deliverance is found in my issue. I am asking God, no, pleading with God, to take this mountain from me, and God has allowed this mountain to bring me deliverance. Those things that happen that upset us may, by God’s design, be helping us in ways we do not know. That flat tire or rained out picnic could be His way of protecting us in ways we don’t understand.

The question comes down to trusting God or the answer. Is God good? And is He good ALL the time? Too many times we are trusting God for a specific answer but not trusting God. We have more of a Monte Hall approach to God in prayer, “Let’s make a deal.” If you answer this problem this way, then I will trust you. The reality is, that is not trusting in God, it is trusting in an answer. We need the faith that Job had, “Though God slay me, yet will I trust in him” (Job 13:15).

We need to always remember that God is Good. Period! Not, He is good if this happens or if that happens. His goodness is not dependant on how or when He answers. God is GOOD. All the time.

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