Ain’t God Good Part 3

Today, I want to continue to talk about God’s goodness.

Always remember, God is ever present with you …I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) There is never a time where we are outside of God’s eyesight or His presence. There are times He will send angels to help or, at other times, He will send people to help. Sometimes He sends both.

There are also times that God will use other people to intercede on our behalf, and we don’t even know it. I remember a time when I was only about twelve years old and was on my way to a youth rally in a neighboring town with a friend. I was overwhelmed with a strong desire to pray for my family. I didn’t know why I felt the way I did, but I asked the driver to pull over so we could pray. There wasn’t any lighting or thunder as we prayed, but when we finished praying, I felt better, the urgency had passed. The car had a big clock on the dash, so I saw what time it was as we started back to the youth rally. After church, I went back to my grandmother’s house where she told me that my aunt and uncle had been involved in a car accident. They were hit by a car going at a high rate of speed. The car was messed up, but they were fine. I asked what time it happened, and it was the exact time we had prayed. The purpose of the story is to say that God wants to use each of us in special ways to touch others, to help others (James 5:16). It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, God wants to use you. It doesn’t matter if you and I know why we are doing what God is leading us to do, it matters only that we are faithful (Romans 8:26).

Consider the story of Michael Godard. He was a Medic Missionary to Africa for 12 years. From time to time, he would get on his bike and travel through the jungle to a nearby city to get more supplies. It was a two-day trip so he would sleep in the jungle. During one of his trips, he came across two men fighting. One was hurt very badly so he took care of his wounds the best he could and then shared the gospel before traveling on.

The next time Michael took this trip to the city, the man he had treated approached him and said, “I know you carry money and medicine, so I and my friends followed you into the jungle that night after you treated me. We waited for you to make camp and go to sleep because we were planning to kill you for your money and medicine. As we moved in on your site, we saw 26 armed guards surrounding you. There were only 6 of us, so we left.”

Then Michael said to the man, “But that’s impossible because I always travel the jungle alone and there were not 26 men with me that night.” The tribesman said, “But we were only 5 feet from the campsite in the bushes and we know what we saw!”

When Michael was back at his home church in Michigan, he told the church of his experience. A man in the congregation interrupted Michael during his presentation and said, “We were with you in spirit! On that night in Africa, it was morning here. I stopped here at church to load up my car with some supplies, and then I sensed the Lord leading me to pray for you. So I called other leaders, and in minutes, we were praying for you!” This man then turned to the congregation and asked, “Men, those of you who prayed with me, please stand right now.” One by one, they stood, and it was 26 men standing!

Never forget, God IS GOOD, all the time. He will either protect us from it, take us through it, or deliver us out of it.  Either way, God is faithful. Sometimes He will allow you and me to be part of the journey of others.

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